3 Health Fads That Will Drive You Crazy

Over the years, fad diets come and go. Recommendations are written, then revoked! Here are three of the craziest health fads you may have heard of and why they are so popular.

  1. Elimination Diets

    What it is: A very popular fad is eliminating certain food from your diet. Whether it is sugar, carbs, or fats, people will follow a diet that claims to pinpoint the “cause” of your weight gain. But sugar, carbs, fats, etc. are not bad in themselves, only in excess. For the majority of people, you cannot cut out just one thing that is causing weight gain.

    Why it will drive you crazy: It is so restrictive! It is almost impossible to eat a single “normal” meal on an elimination diet.

  2. Cutting your calories by a ridiculous amount.

    What it is: Calorie cutting is a popular form of dieting. Some will even claim you can lose a huge amount of weight in days or weeks by following a rigorous routine.

    Why it will drive you crazy: Extreme diets that encourage you to cut your calorie intake in half may work while you are on them, yes. But you will not create healthy habits that translate into everyday life! You will most likely gain the weight back right after your diet is over.

  3. Any diet that claims you don’t need exercise and wellness practices.

    What it is: A diet that says you can follow it without exercising and lose weight.

    Why it will drive you crazy: Diet AND exercise go together hand in hand. You need both to develop overall health and wellness. A diet that claims you do not need to exercise is not health-based.

How are we supposed to know the healthiest way to diet? Put simply, you have to learn and do what is right for you. You may find certain foods you need to avoid. Eating in moderation will help you develop a maintainable diet that will turn into healthy habits. Regular exercise and wellness practices are necessary to be healthy. Regular sauna use and using essential oils are wellness habits that will help you reach your health goals. Schedule your sauna consultation today!