Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

Spring is a good time to refresh—and not just your home or closet. It is a time to rethink beauty habits and hit the reset button on your routine. Last month, I talked a little bit about greenwashing and what it truly means for a company to be a ‘green’ company. I thought we should continue on this topic with a list of things you can do to make sure you are getting truly ‘green’ products. Take a look at the checklist below to check your own products:

  • Does the company offer detailed information about ingredients and sourcing of their products?

    If not, chances are they are trying to hide where they actually get ingredients or what those ingredients are. A good example is using the word ‘natural’ in labeling or marketing. The FDA gives us only a hazy definition of what ‘natural’ means and the industry is largely unregulated with the use of the word ‘natural.’ You deserve to know what is in your food and beauty products, so choosing companies who are honest about ingredients is the first step in choosing truly ‘green’ products.

  • How do the company’s employees feel about environmental endeavors?

    A responsible company is made up of employees who care about the environment and trust the company is doing their part. This is one of the main things I love about working for Beautycounter. I am a part of a community that cares about our products and advocates for better beauty!

  • Use the resources available to you.

    Last month, I talked a lot about the B Corp, an amazing resource for people like you and me looking to make sure we are buying the best products from environmentally responsible companies. There are other resources out there who have the goal of helping you and I out. Here are a couple examples: ewg.org, carbonfund.org, asbcouncil.org, bcpp.org/about-us/partners-in-prevention-businesses/.

    Authored by Madison Toth | madisontoth.com