“Regular use of a sauna may be as effective a means of cardiovascular conditioning and burning calories as regular exercise” 

- The Journal of the American Medical Association

Your body’s natural response to heat is to cool itself. Your own air-conditioning system burns energy: lots of energy. 30 minutes of infrared sauna use can expend up to 600 calories; 50 minutes can burn up to 900 calories!

By raising your body’s core temperature, sauna stimulates your metabolism, producing a high calorie burn. And the only step you have to take is walking into the sauna.


Your wellness ally: the warmth of the sun. 

Many regularly use sauna to improve sleep, shed unwanted pounds, reduce or eliminate pain and improve circulation.

Dr. Masao Nakamura of the O&P Medical Clinic in Japan has reported success with the use of infrared heat for whiplash, sciatica, arthritis, joint stiffness, insomnia, acne, gastroenteric problems and menopause.

We recommend a regularly scheduled routine of sauna sessions, coupled with regular hydration. We also recommend you start a 'wellness' diary to track your continued progress.

I loved the experience I had! It was very relaxing and a wonderful atmosphere. A great way to keep warm on these cold days. I will definitely be back!
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I love these girls! They are so friendly and helpful, and make you feel amazing after the sauna and massage!!
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Super nice atmosphere and clean. Very good sauna session. Very very friendly and helpful staff. Prices are very affordable! Everything is so good!
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